Useful Links

Below are links you may find useful for your outside catering requirements - wether you need catering services for your private dinner party or corporate event.

Flowers for all Occasions

For that extra touch, we recommend multicoloured petals which you can check out from Interflora. Flower Arrangements as centerpieces will create a lovely atmosphere to any party you're having. Moreover, for that best garden party, there's nothing better decoration than naturally beautiful flower pouches and flower baskets for your garden walls under the summer sunshine.
Suggested Venues for any of your memorable events include LSO St. Luke's in central London and Silchester House in Berkshire.
Healthy Eating

Kitchen Angels' Personal Chefs use the best locally sourced organic ingredients for all your dinner parties. Our dinner party chefs believe in healthy way of eating and recommends you check top tips about healthy eating and 5 A Day. You will be pleasantly surprised on how many healthy and tasty menus you can quickly prepare for your family and friends in no time. To go with the dinner, you can choose from these easy to make but healthy puddings.

Check out what's in your favorite dinner using this useful Calorie and Fat Gram Chart.

For further healthy eating tips, consult your local nutritionist.

But for your dinner parties, we'd like you to relax and enjoy and let our Personal Chefs take care of your event and ensure that you and your guests will enjoy restaurant quality food.