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Personal Chef Services

Our multi-rosetted chefs will bring the hotel fine dining service in your home and cook gourmet meal for you and your guests. The chefs can prepare any type of food service you like - i.e 3-Course Sit Down Meal, Finger Buffet, Bowl Food, etc of any cuisine you prefer.The personal/private chef service process involves:

  • Menu Planning
    - The Chef will assess your requirements and design the menu around your taste
  • Grocery Shopping
    - The Private Chef will pick the finest quality ingredients needed for your designed menu
  • Dinner Service
    - The food will be creatively plated/presented to look equally great as it tastes
  • Kitchen Tidy Up
    - The Personal Chef will make sure he leaves your kitchen as neat as he found it (if not cleaner)

Package Inclusions

Personal Chefs for Events CateringFor a really stress-free day, the Personal Chef Service also includes:

  • Cutlery and Crockery
  • Table Linen and Napkins
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Waiting Staff(also as butler/wine waiter) (if requested)

This way you don't have to do anything but sit down, relax, and enjoy your party.

Below are some Sample Menus for your private dinner party by Kitchen-Angels' Personal Chefs. Your private chefs can design any Private Party Menu based on your requirements!

Personal Chefs for Events CateringMenu 1
  • Starter
    Chicken Ballotin on Watercress with Cream of Dijon Sauce
  • Main Course
    Beef Pauppiette with Vichie Carrots and Duchesse Potatoes
  • Dessert
    Pear Tartin with Lemon Compote
Menu 2
  • Starter
    Watercress Veloute with Parmesan Croutons
  • Main Course
    Whole Roast Poussin (Spring Chicken) with Saffron Basmati Rice Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets in Red Wine Sauce
  • Dessert
    Frangipane Pear Tart with Coconut Ice Creams and Seasonal Berries
Menu 3
  • Starter
    Freshly Made Pasta with Minced Pork Shoulder, Fennel, Juniper Berries, Fennel Seeds, Cherry Tomatoes Sauce, Lemon Zest and Dill
  • Main Course
    Pan-fried Salmon, with Crushed New Potatoes with Olive Oil Kalamatas Olives and Chives Mange Tout and Salted Capers Sauce
  • Dessert
    Black Currants, Raspberries and Mango Sorbets
Menu 4
  • Starter
    Asparagus and Crunchy Courgettes Skins Risotto with Parmesan, Rocket Salad and Fresh Herbs
  • Main Course
    Turkey Fillets coated in Roast Almond Flakes, Roast Sliced Potatoes with
    Fennel Extra Fine Green Beans Cranberries Relish
  • Dessert
    Pecan Nuts Crumble with Pears, Seedless Grapes, Sun-dried Blackberries and
    Cinnamon, served with Vanilla Custard
Menu 5
  • Starter
    Lemon Risotto with griddled tiger prawns and wilted rocket
  • Main Course
    Fillet of Beef wrapped in Parma Ham with
    wild mushrooms and served with a red wine jus Gratin dauphinois French beans. A plate of French and Italian
    cheeses with Homemade Crackers and Fresh Figs
  • Dessert
    Passion Fruit Brulee served with Pistachio Wafers
Vegetarian Menu
  • Starter
    Watercress Veloute or Asparagus Risotto
  • Main Course
    Vegetable Filo Parcel with Cherry Tomatoes Sauce and Tahini Paste plus the accompaniment
  • Dessert
    Frangipane Pear Tart, Sorbets or Pecan Nuts Crumble

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